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Pay Tribute to Notre Dame de Paris

  1. Notre Dame de Paris Rose Window Tribute with nod to Victor Hugo
Pay Tribute to Notre Dame with a nod to Victor Hugo and Lés Miserables with our special edition tee featuring the famous rose window and a play on the lyrics to 'Even the Darkest Night Will End And The Sun Will Rise". Allow hope for a brighter day to be a motivating force in your darkest moments

Notre Dame de Paris Tribute Tee

Regular price $22.00

Paris in the Kitchen

Alexa Take Me to Paris Tea Towels in nice kitchen on stove both white and gray

Kitchen Favorites to Transport You 🇫🇷

Shop our favorite items to bring Paris to your kitchen. Click here.

  • Eiffel Tower Scissors Bronze Gold Brown Rose Gold
    On Sale
    European Vintage Eiffel Tower Scissors-Large 5.5"x2"

    $8.00 Regular price $12.00

  • Alexa Take me to Paris Gray Tea Towel Dish Towel
    On Sale
    Alexa, Take Me To Paris - Gray Dish Towel/Tea Towel

    $12.00 Regular price $16.00

  • Paris definition in scroll type Swedish dish cloth
    On Sale
    Swedish Dish Cloth - Paris Definition

    $4.00 Regular price $6.00

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    C'est la Tee was kindled on our honeymoon in France in 2016, when struck by the realization Parisiennes look stylish and "smart" even in jeans and a tee shirt. 

    Sharing the language, style, and feel of France through something so simple as comfy tees with playful empowering messages was irresistible! We soon added in accessories and gifts to serve all France Lovers everywhere.

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