Subscription Policy

The subscription box is a bi-monthly subscription box.

If you subscribe today, your method of payment will be charged immediately at checkout. Orders for the upcoming bi-monthly Take Me to Paris box cut off on the 20th of the month.

Example: January 20th is the last day to order for the February box.
Any orders placed before January 20th will be for the February box.
Any orders placed from January 21st to March 20th will be for the April box. 

Subscriptions renew on the 20th every other month. (see 2023 schedule below)

All cancellations or skips must be received 14 days prior to the next renewal date (we need time to fill your spot). 

Be sure to update your subscription status in your client account page before your next renewal date.

To pause, skip or cancel:

To edit your subscription, you’ll need to activate your store account. To activate it, go here:

Use the same email address you used for your order. After you’ve registered, you can LOGIN to your account and click, "Subscriptions". Click on the subscription you'd like to edit.

From here, you’ll be able to update payment methods or addresses, skip boxes, and cancel.

2023 Schedule: 

  • Jan 20 charge-February Box
  • Mar 20 charge-April Box
  • May 20 charge-June Box
  • Jul 20 charge-August Box
  • Sep 20 charge-October Box
  • Nov 20 charge-December Box
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