1. French Paris Subscription Box
  2. December 2023 Christmas Paris Subscription Box French Noel Mug French Parisian Candle Paris Guide book, Paris Matches,
  3. In this box, you'll discover a delightful assortment of treats that capture the essence of fall in the City of Light. Begin your journey with a charming blue and white toile travel teapot and cup set, reminiscent of a leisurely café experience on the cobblestone streets of Paris. Take me to Paris October Box Parisian Autumn Tea Voyage
  4. August French Riviera Take Me to Paris Box
  5. Take Me to Paris Bastille Day Celebration French Box
  6. April Take me to Paris Subscription Spring Box
  7. February 2023 Take Me to Paris Box Schedule  Edit alt text
  8. December 2022 Take Me to Paris Subscription Box Joyeaux Noel Tote Paris Icon Card Game Maxim Paris chocolate Joyeux Noel Gift Tags
  9. French Charcuterie Board Gift Set Subscription Box Take Me to Paris Box
  10. The Take Me to Paris monthly subscription Box. October 2022 Pearl necklace, Luxury French marshmallows, French journal, Parisian feel elegant pearl necklace  Edit alt text

Take Me to Paris Bi-Monthly Subscription Box

Welcome to the Take Me To Paris Bi-Monthly Subscription Box!We are currently selling the February 2024 Box. To receive the December 2023 box, please see the one-time...

Welcome to the Take Me To Paris Bi-Monthly Subscription Box!
We are currently selling the February 2024 Box. To receive the December 2023 box, please see the one-time purchase option. 

The Take Me To Paris box is a bi-monthly subscription box. Every other month, you will receive a beautifully curated box that is designed to take you on a trip to Paris or France, or to help you feel a bit more Parisian at home because you deserve Paris at home. 

April 2024: "Voyages de Lumière" - Journeys of Light
Details Coming Soon! 

February 2024: Amour Propre à Paris

The "Amour Propre à Paris" box is inspired by the frivolity and grace of Jean-Honoré Fragonard's iconic Rococo painting, "The Swing" ("La balançoire"). Centered around the exquisite Fragonard - the Balançoire silk scarf, we invite you to embrace the playful spirit and elegance of 18th-century Paris. This piece, symbolizing the joy of self-love and the artistry of a bygone era, encourages you to indulge in the beauty of life's fleeting moments with a Parisian flair. Let this scarf be a reminder to live each day with the whimsy and sophistication that Fragonard so masterfully captured.

December 2023:  Un Hiver Parisien 🎄🇫🇷

Bring the enchantment of a Parisian winter to your doorstep. Indulge in curated French delights that promise a festive joie de vivre and the charm of a holiday season spent in the heart of Paris.

October 2023:  Parisian Autumn Tea Voyage ☕️🇫🇷

Welcome to a cozy Parisian autumn escape with our "Parisian Autumn Tea Voyage" box. Embrace the enchanting ambiance of Paris as the leaves turn to shades of gold and the city comes alive with a warm and inviting charm.


August 2023: Beachside Riviera Box:  🏝️☀️🇫🇷

Unveil the treasures within, including a chic straw bag, a stylish "C'est La Vie" pouch for all your essentials, and a quick-dry "Sea La Vie" beach towel. Experience the sun-kissed vibes and coastal charm of the Riviera, and let this box transport you to the sandy shores and azure waters of your dream beach vacation. Embrace the carefree spirit, soak up the sun, and create unforgettable memories with our beachside Riviera box. C'est magnifique!

The June box is all about celebrating Bastille Day in France! Curated with love, this Bastille Day picnic collection is your passport to a romantic journey through France. Indulge in a delightful fusion of French charm and delectable treats. Vive la France! 💙

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