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Take Me to Paris Box-One Time Purchase

Welcome to the Take Me To Paris Box!

This item is a one-time purchase. Whether you'd like to gift a box to someone or add on an additional box to your order, or you just love the contents so much, you need to have an extra; this is where you order a one-time purchase. 

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July 2024: Summer in Provence

Dive into the summer delights of Provence with carefully selected items that embody the region’s culinary and scenic beauty. Perfect for a leisurely French-inspired summer day.

April 2024: "Voyages de Lumière" - Journeys of Light

This April, we invite you to explore the serene beauty and mystique of Mont-Saint-Michel through our carefully curated "Voyages de Lumière" box. Each item, from elegant accessories to gourmet delights, carries the essence of travel and the rich maritime heritage of France's iconic coastal landmark.

February 2024: Amour Propre à Paris

The "Amour Propre à Paris" box is inspired by the frivolity and grace of Jean-Honoré Fragonard's iconic Rococo painting, "The Swing" ("La balançoire"). Centered around the exquisite Fragonard - the Balançoire silk scarf, we invite you to embrace the playful spirit and elegance of 18th-century Paris. This piece, symbolizing the joy of self-love and the artistry of a bygone era, encourages you to indulge in the beauty of life's fleeting moments with a Parisian flair. Let this scarf be a reminder to live each day with the whimsy and sophistication that Fragonard so masterfully captured.

Included in the December 2023 Box: 
Un Hiver Parisian: Discover the enchantment of a Parisian winter with a selection that brings the city's festive spirit to your home. Each piece in this collection is a part of the magical Parisian winter tapestry, carefully chosen to transport you to the heart of France’s beloved capital. Revel in the French tradition of warmth and light with 'Un Hiver Parisien'.

  • “Once Upon A Time Christmas” Mug with Cork Lid (Imported from France)
  • Apothecary Candle - Thym+Lime (Imported from France)
  • Parisian Artisan Matches
  • The Book Lover's Guide to Paris
  • Fruit Pasta | Christmas Set (Imported from France)

Included in the October 2023 Box:
Welcome to a cozy Parisian autumn escape with our "Parisian Autumn Tea Voyage" box. Embrace the enchanting ambiance of Paris as the leaves turn to shades of gold and the city comes alive with a warm and inviting charm.

  • Blue and White Insulated Travel Teapot "Toile De Jouy" (Imported from France)
  • Specially Curated Délice Infusion Paris Edition - Délice Infusion No. 5 (Imported from France)
  • Fondant Caramels with Salted Butter from Isigny (Imported from France, Normandy)
  • Ville De Paris Sugar Sticks

Included in the August 2023 Box:

  • Straw French Tote
  • Sea La Vie Quick Dry Beach Towel
  • C'est La Vie Accessory Bag
  • French Riviera Postcards

The June box is all about celebrating Bastille Day in France! Curated with love, this Bastille Day picnic collection is your passport to a romantic journey through France. Indulge in a delightful fusion of French charm and delectable treats. Vive la France! 💙🇫🇷

  • Versaille Map Silk Scarf handmade and imported from Lyon
  • Wooden Appetizer Board with Wine Glass Holder (imported from France) 
  • French Mustard
  • French Fig Jam
  • French Cookies

If you would like to purchase the monthly subscription box, please head to this page. 

Take Me to Paris Subscription Box

See you in Paris! 

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