· By Lisa Masquelier

A French Breakfast Delight

There's something undeniably charming about starting your day with a classic French breakfast in the heart of Paris. The city of love is famous for its romantic ambiance, historic landmarks, and, of course, its delectable cuisine. One culinary experience you simply can't miss during your visit to Paris is the quintessential French breakfast. In this post, we'll explore where to enjoy this delightful meal in Paris and how to recreate it at home.


1. Croissants and Pastries
No French breakfast is complete without an assortment of buttery croissants and flaky pastries. These light and airy treats are the epitome of French baking. You can find them at virtually every corner bakery (boulangerie) in Paris. Some renowned establishments like "Du Pain et des Idées" and "Pierre Hermé" are known for their exceptional pastries.


2. Baguette with Jam
A freshly baked baguette served with a selection of fruit jams is a staple of the French breakfast. The contrast between the crusty exterior and soft interior of the baguette, paired with the sweet jam, is simply divine. Try the famous "Poilâne" bakery for an authentic baguette experience.


3. Coffee or Hot Chocolate
To wash down your pastries and baguette, a cup of coffee or hot chocolate is essential. Parisians love their coffee, and you can enjoy a café crème (espresso with steamed milk) or café au lait (coffee with hot milk) at cozy cafés like "Café de Flore" or "Les Deux Magots." If you're a chocolate lover, don't miss out on the velvety hot chocolate at "Angelina."


4. Fresh Fruit
To add a touch of freshness to your meal, many French breakfasts include a small serving of fresh fruit, such as sliced oranges or berries. It's a delightful palate cleanser amidst all the indulgent pastries.


How to Make a French Breakfast at Home:
If you can't make it to Paris but want to experience the charm of a French breakfast, you can recreate it in your own kitchen. Here's a simple guide:

- Croissants or assorted pastries
- Fresh baguette
- Fruit jams (apricot, raspberry, or strawberry)
- Coffee or hot chocolate
- Fresh fruit


A French breakfast is more than just a meal; it's an experience that embodies the elegance and simplicity of French culture. Whether you're enjoying it at a cozy café in Paris or recreating it at home, the combination of croissants, baguette, jams, and coffee will transport you to the streets of the City of Light, even if just for a moment. So, whether you're planning a trip to Paris or a leisurely morning at home, be sure to indulge in this delightful culinary tradition. Bon appétit!


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