1. Paris Lover Swedish Dishcloth Set
  2. Paris Scattered Word Swedish Dishcloth
  3. Eiffel Tower Musee DOrsay Clock Swedish Dishcloth
  4. Paris Definition Scroll Swedish Dishcloth

Paris Lovers Swedish Dish Cloth

Set of 3

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Have you tried Swedish Dish Cloths yet? Now you can clean your dishes and dream of the City of Light. Start with a set for your home!

This set includes 3 dishcloths. One of each of the following:

Paris Obsessed: This Swedish Dishcloth showcases the word Paris in multiple fonts. It's perfect for anyone obsessed with Paris, because who wouldn't be?

Paris Definition: This Swedish Dishcloth showcases the word Paris with its definition in a beautiful scroll font.

Eiffel Tower Clock: This Swedish Dishcloth showcases a clock with the Eiffel Tower inside.

Each reusable dishcloth is made of 70% Cellulose wood pulp and 30% Cotton. They are 100% compostable and biodegradable. The towels hold up to 15x of their weight in water and are versatile cleaning helpers: use them to clean dishes, kitchen surfaces and appliances, bathrooms, countertops, windows, furniture, plants, and much more. These cloths are naturally anti-bacterial. Toss them in the washing machine or place them in the top rack of your dishwasher to give them a thorough cleaning. They typically last 2-3 months with average wear and tear, but they can be used up to 6-12 months or up to 200 wash cycles. Dishwasher and machine washable at 60 degrees. Avoid tumble drying and fabric softener as they cause shrinkage.

Measurements: 6.75" x 8" (17 cm x 20 cm)

Designed in the USA.