"Toile de Jouy" Elegance Insulated Teapot Thermos – 350ml

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Imported from France

Indulge in the charm of French heritage with the "Toile de Jouy" Elegance Insulated Teapot from C'est La Tee Shop. Crafted for the discerning tea connoisseur and Francophile, this 350ml teapot showcases the iconic Toile de Jouy pattern that has adorned French fabrics since the 18th century. Expertly designed to maintain the temperature of your beverages, it promises to keep your tea steaming hot for up to 5 hours and your cold drinks chilled for 7 hours, making it a versatile companion throughout the day.

Whether you're savoring a quiet moment or on the go, the teapot's leakproof lid ensures no spills, embodying the perfect marriage of practicality and style. Each teapot comes equipped with two filters accommodating both short and long infusions for a perfect brew every time. Its BPA-free construction speaks to a commitment to health and quality, while handwashing ensures its lasting beauty. Make this insulated teapot a gift to yourself or a treasured offering for someone special who adores Paris and French-inspired luxury.