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Delicious Florentins Salted Butter Caramel and Milk Chocolate from the MAISON DE FLORENTINS brand. GOURMET PRODUCT. Handmade in our family workshop near Nantes. Traditional high-end recipe richer in almonds, butter and cream based on nougatine covered in chocolate, egg-free, flour-free, gluten-free. The delicious French milk chocolate offers a wonderful gourmet apotheosis on the palate: The sweetness of salted butter caramel is enhanced by 38% cocoa milk chocolate. The rich nougatine made from almonds crunches under the teeth. Honey provides roundness and delicacy. The touch of Guérande salt enhances all these flavors. No GMO, No Palm Oil, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors. 12 Florentines that recall the generosity of traditional recipes from the past. Delicious with coffee or tea. Kids also love this little gourmet milk chocolate bite.