Délice Paris Edition - Verbena & Marjoram Infusion No. 5

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Imported from Paris, France

Experience the allure of Paris with the Délice Paris Edition - Verbena & Marjoram Infusion No. 5, a tribute to the French capital's indulgent relaxation culture. This special Paris edition infusion from C'est La Tee Shop is a testament to French sophistication, offering a serene escape with every cup. Our carefully selected blend featuring star ingredients like verbena and marjoram creates a soothing, aromatic experience, ideal for those moments when only the finest relaxation will do.

Crafted with love in France, our Délice Infusion honors traditional French manufacturing while embracing modern eco-designed packaging. Savor this caffeine-free treasure at any time of day, whether you prefer your infusion hot or as a refreshing iced treat. It's not just a beverage; it's an invitation to indulge in the comfort of French herbal tradition. Gift it to a fellow Francophile, or keep it as your own secret to a perfect, peaceful break.