Swedish Dish Cloth - French Purple Lavender Bicycle Kitchen

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Embrace eco-friendly elegance with our French Purple Lavender Bicycle Kitchen Swedish Dish Cloths. These charming cleaning companions merge the rustic beauty of Provence with the unparalleled efficiency of Swedish design. Each cloth features a picturesque scene of purple lavender and a classic bicycle, transporting you to the lavender fields of France with every wipe and scrub.

Sustainably crafted from a blend of 70% cellulose wood pulp and 30% cotton, our dish cloths are not only 100% compostable and biodegradable but also remarkably durable. They boast an impressive ability to absorb up to 15 times their weight in water, making them a go-to for all cleaning tasks—from dishes and kitchen surfaces to bathrooms and windows.

Measuring 6.75" x 8", these cloths are designed in the USA with practicality and sustainability in mind. The natural anti-bacterial properties help keep them fresh, while their longevity is assured, lasting 2-3 months with average wear and tear, and up to 6-12 months or 200 wash cycles with proper care.

Simply toss your French Purple Lavender Bicycle Kitchen Swedish Dish Cloth in the washing machine or dishwasher at 60 degrees for a thorough clean. Remember to skip the tumble dryer and fabric softener to maintain their size and absorbency. Invite the spirit of a French eco-conscious home into your daily routine with these delightful dish cloths.