· By Jeff Masquelier

Paris with a Cherry on Top

We arrived in Paris, on our overnight flight to Dallas, in which we both failed miserably at achieving the goal of sleep and waking up fresh and ready to conquer the 7-hour time difference.

Bleary-eyed but full of excitement, we ambled through customs and taxied to our Paris Perfect apartment on Rue St. Dominique. We dropped our bags and started out to explore the City of Love. 

Lisa lives by the tenet “stop and smell the roses” and rarely neglects a stop at a flower stand, produce section, book store or café with a menu posted in the window. We hadn’t gone 100 feet from our door when we stopped at a small market with fresh fruits and vegetables spilling scents and color out onto the sidewalk.  She landed on a basket of sweet ripe cherries to snack on while we walked. Whether jetlagged or caught up in the experience, she neglected to calculate the exchange rate and it hadn’t occurred to us until the cherries were all but gone that we’d spent nearly $30 American dollars on the small basket!

So much for our trip’s day one budget. Those were the best (and only) $30 cherries we’ve tasted.


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