· By Jeff Masquelier

Honeymoon in Paris

Lisa Marie and I spent the morning exploring the Musée D’Orsay and returned along the Seine to our Paris Perfect apartment on Rue Saint Dominique, in the 7thArrondissement.  My new wife and I took in the scene, while cars, buses and taxis sped by on the boulevard and joggers, dog-walkers, and bicyclists flowed below on the bank.

Out of the blue, Lisa declared that she had always wanted to be “that” French girl on the bicycle, with the flowers, baguette and wine. Okay then, let’s make this happen, I said.

In no time, we were ready to roll film (as they say) in Eiffel Tower Park. Lisa looked as beautiful as ever and played the part naturally and literally, with bloodlines back to the Normandy Coast.  On the other hand, I fumbled through the role as the director, producer and videographer in every way imaginable.

We pushed through pedestrian interference, items in her basket falling about, a leg sniffing dog, and a near miss with her bicycle and a bus; laughing all the way. In the end, my love became “that” French girl on the bicycle.

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  • Love this site! Very cute tees, and I enjoyed reading about the wonderful honeymoon and seeing the great picture of “that girl on the bike!”

    Mary kay masquelier on

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